Codebook Beta 4.1.1 - problem

I posted this under the original Beta announcement and thought maybe it should go here. I am testing 4.1.1 on Windows 10 machines. When I try to invoke the secret agent it only brings up the dialog for the master password then when enters goes away. Never allows me to try to get the login for the site I am trying to logon to. I have captured a video of this if you would like to see what I mean. It is doing it on all three machines I am testing this on.

Hello @lwetzel

Thank you for your report. We were just able to reproduce the issue locally. We will work on preparing a fix to be included in the next beta release. Thanks again!

Hello @lwetzel

I wanted to let you know we have prepared a fix for this issue which has just been deployed to the beta channel in Windows. You should see that available shortly. Thank you again for your report!

Hey Nick,

That looks like you fixed it. Thanks for your prompt action.

Hi @lwetzel

Thank you for the update, we are happy to hear everything is working properly for you now!