Secret Agent enters wrong password first time


I’m having an issue with Secret Agent entering an incorrect password the first time. If I re-run it, the password enters correctly. This is on MacOS v10.12.3 with Codebook v3.2.0.


Hi @schmatt

Thanks for posting and sorry for the trouble with Secret Agent entering the incorrect password the first time.

The bug from this thread (Problem after upgrade to macOS 10.12.2) is still present in macOS 10.12.3, although most users have had success with the latest builds which include the modifications to the script we use to attempt to get around the issue.

Could you please try un-checking and re-checking the Secret Agent preference in Codebook → Preferences → General tab → “Enable Secret Agent with Keyboard Command” to re-select the scripts folder?

Does the password enter improperly when you use Secret Agent to insert it into a text editor? I noticed from your post in the other thread that you said it was properly entering into a text editor, just wanted to confirm that this is still the case.

Which browser/application are you inserting into? Does it only occur with specific websites, or every site the first time through?



This seems to have worked. Unfortunately, the problem I’ve run into seems intermittent. If I see this problem again, I should do what you suggest below first?




Hopefully this should resolve the issue for you going forward. Unchecking and rechecking the preference places the modified AppleScript (which includes the adjustment to get around the Sierra 10.12.2 bug) into the correct directory so Codebook can access it.

If you do happen to see it occur again, please note the circumstances in which it occurred (Which site/app were you entering data from Secret Agent into? Was it the first time you brought up Secret Agent in that session? When you enter the data into a text editor, does it also not get entered properly? Are you able to see any pattern to which the data was improperly entered - i.e. is it similar to the Sierra bug where characters after a character that would usually require shift are mixed case improperly?)

Then either post that information here (if you feel comfortable sharing that it publicly), or write into or pm me so we can try to reproduce it and find the cause.

Thank you for your attention to this issue.