Codebook Secret Agent returns different that Codebook?


I am using Codebook 3.1.5 on a Mac. Today i tried to use a password from the “codebook secret agent” and it failed. Upon investigation I realized the password retuned by the secret agent as all in upper case, while the password stored in the Codebook app was I mixed case as it should be. Why would the Secret Agent return a different value that the app?

This is not happening with other passwords…


Hi @Jaime_Pereira

Thanks for using Codebook and posting, although I’m sorry for the trouble. There’s a bug in the Sierra 10.12.2 update (I’m assuming that’s the macOS version you’re running). You can read more about it here: Problem after upgrade to macOS 10.12.2

We’re currently beta testing an update which contains a fix for this issue. If you’d like to try it out to ensure that it resolves the issue on your end, please PM me or reach out to us at and we can provide you with it.

Please let me know if you’re not using Sierra 10.12.2 as I’ve assumed and whether you’d like to try out the beta.



Yeap, using Sierra 10.12.2. Good to know its not just me. Awaiting fix then.

– Jaime