Secret agent window does not appear in the foreground


I use codebook on Windows 10.
For some time I have the problem that the window of the Secret Agent does not open in the foreground.
However, the effect only occurs sometimes and so far I have not been able to detect a context.

A Windows message appears:
“Codebook was unable to set the foreground window; please retry Secret Agent Hotkey or launch manually using the task”.
The repetition of the shortcut is without success.

What is the cause of the error message and what can I do to eliminate it?


Hello @Frank_

Codebook for Windows is attempting to set the Secret Agent window as the foreground window and activate it, however on your system it is unable to. When the operating system is unable to make Secret Agent the foreground window, we report the message to the user via a notification. This is done to prevent the user from inadvertently inputting their master password in another window when Codebook is locked and requires a password for access.

As to why it isn’t allowing the foreground window to be set, that is a bit more difficult to say. A few additional questions to consider:

  • Did the behavior previously work?
    • If so, do you know what changes have occurred on your system since it stopped working?
    • Specifically, have you install other software applications around the same time?
  • What version of Windows 10 are you running?
  • Does rebooting your system change the behavior?
  • Do you have other applications running?
    • If so, does the behavior change when you terminate those applications?


Hello Nick,

          I've been using Codebook for over 4 years.

          Yes, opening the Secret Agent in the foreground has always worked in the past.

          The problem described by me occurs only for some time - since about 1/2 year.

          It's a bit annoying and now I wanted to tackle it.

          Of course, hardware and software changes have taken place during this time.

          I started with a Windows 7 machine - there I never had this problem.

          For some time I use Windows 10 (currently Windows 10 Pro 64 bit - 1803 build 17134.345 German) and only then came up the problem.

          Very well reproducible it is in combination with a home banking software "Lexware Financial Manager".         When the banking account is retrieved, an input mask for the bank access data appears.         This mask is in the foreground and the Secret Agent is almost never about to get there.         The problem did not exist before and the Lexware software I also use for years.

          But even outside the financial software, Codebook sometimes can not come to the fore - both the login mask and the secret agent.         But I have not been able to recognize a system here.

Rebooting the computer doesn't help here.

I have other applications closed (via Task Manager).
  But also without success.

    Best regards