Odd secret agent paste behavior


When I use secret agent to paste into facebook, although my login name is set as rick@cogley.info in Codebook, it pastes as rick@cogleyinfo.

No idea if FB has anything to do with it, but I just thought I’d mention. The second time I tried it, it pasted normally.


Hi @rickcogley

We will keep an eye out, we haven’t received a report of what you are showing, please let us know if you are able to reproduce it again. Thanks!

Codebook for macOS 3.1.2 Released

The error occurred after a reboot. I upgraded little snitch and cleared all caches and such with cocktail, then rebooted. I wonder if deep cleaning with cocktail has any impact. Is codebook making use of any OS X system caches?


Hi @rickcogley

Codebook for Mac does not use any system caches, what you were seeing could have been the behavior of the auto fill feature within a browser. Please let us know if you see any irregularities again. Thanks!


Right, ok. Well, if I see it again I will let you know.


hi @developernotes, ok, after a Safari restart, the same thing happened again, this time on a different site.

I used SA to enter my work email, and instead of .co.jp at the end it entered cojp..


Hi @rickcogley

It sounds as if you are able to reproduce this behavior within your browser. The next time this occurs, could you also try inserting the same fields into a text editor to see if the behavior is the same or different?


Hi @developernotes, yes, indeed I did that, and it just inserted it correctly.


Hi @rickcogley

Thank you for the quick follow up. So the text appears incorrect only when being inserted into a browser from secret agent? Would it be possible for you to disable autofill temporarily within your browser to rule out contention between secret agent and the autofill behavior in your browser?


Ok, duly disabled in Safari. I’ll see what that does.


Ok, I just restarted Safari and it happened again.

The three periods in the username are pasted at the end.

I then SA-pasted the same thing into Atom, and it’s correct.

Second paste into the same site in Safari is fine.


Hi @rickcogley

Thank you for the additional information. Does it only occur within Safari, or (if you have another browser) does it behave the same way with other browsers as well?


I’ll watch chrome too. So far, just Safari iirc.
I upgraded to the Mac Codebook beta btw.


Yesterday I upgraded to 10.11.4, and when I upgrade, I always do the same thing:

  1. run Maintain’s Cocktail (specifically its “pilot” runner) to clear caches
  2. download and run the “combo” updater for OS X
  3. restart

The first password I entered in Safari after restart, via Secret Agent, was garbled with the punctuation all bunched at the end of the entry. Looks the same as what I showed above.

In Cocktail, there are detailed cache-clearing settings, one screen of which you can see in the screenshot below. I am wondering if anything like that would have an impact on how Secret Agent works.

Kind regards


Hi @rickcogley,

You mentioned you were going to look to see if you had this problem in Chrome as well. Is that the case?

Do you have any extensions installed in Safari, or plugins installed by third party (non-Apple) software that modifies your system or Safari directly?


Hi @wgray - it did not happen on Chrome, but, Chrome was the second thing I tried this time. I’ll have to do the sequence and try entering into Chrome first, to see if that makes a difference.

As for extensions in Safari, I’m using Buffer, Ka-Block and Pesticide.

I use Little Snitch, which is a kernel extension that acts as a firewall, popping up and letting me know what connections are happening.


Hi @wgray - ok, I had to install an update that required a restart so I ran Cocktail again to see if this would happen, and this time, I tried it in Chrome first, then Safari, logging into the same site I had the problem with before. It did not recur.

Two things were upgraded between last and this time:

  • Codebook itself
  • Cocktail

Not sure what the problem was but if I see it again I will let you know here.

By the way, here are screenshots of the other three tabs in that Cocktail dialog.

Kind regards


Confirming it happens after upgrade to 10.11.5 OSX, as well. On Safari but not Chrome.


Hi all, this still happens on the first secret agent entry in Safari, after clearing caches with Cocktail, then upgrading to macOS 10.12.1 and restarting. I tried a typical website I use in Chrome first, and the password was accepted fine. Then in Safari, the username was garbled with the punctuation at the end.


Hi @rickcogley

I’ve been doing a bit more investigation into this. I believe the strange behavior is related to the keyboard layout setting in your Mac system preferences. I noticed from one of the screenshots that you’re using U.S. International - PC. In the other screenshot it appears you’re using either:

  • English ABC
  • English ABC Extended
  • French ABC
  • German ABC

While I wasn’t able to reproduce the exact behavior you reported, I was able to reproduce strange garbling of data coming from Secret Agent when the values contain some special characters (like ~ and ` for example) using certain international key layouts.

I was wondering if you’d be willing to temporarily add a standard (non-international) US keyboard layout and try selecting that prior to using Secret Agent on the offending sites.

You probably already know how to adjust this, but here is the location:

Apple Menu → System Preferences → Language & Region → Keyboard Preferences → Input Sources → + → English U.S. (standard)

This wouldn’t be a permanent solution, as we don’t want to restrict users from using international keyboards, but if it does work this will confirm my suspicions.