Progress Update on 4.3.0 / Autofill for Android / Big Sur support

Hello everybody,

We have a progress update posted to the blog with some details on where we’re at with the aforementioned 4.3.0 update for Android, macOS, and Windows. TLDR; we’re just about ready to go, we’re aiming to release the update on November 30th.

There’s also a brief update on our progress with the image attachments feature and a call for Beta testers. If you’d like to get early access to image storage support, please send us an email to let us know and include what platforms you’d like to test on.

One thing unmentioned in the blog post is that we are working on a series of Getting Started tutorials to add to the Help pages, in which we’re sequentially covering topics that would be important to a new user to help familiarize them with Codebook. As it turns out they also provide a nice place to point out various tips and tricks that might not be apparent to most users. Please let us know if there’s any topic you’d like us to cover that you think is missing from the documentation.


Hi can it be that synch with ver 4.2.2 does not work on both my macbook with os10.13.6 (older macbook) nor with iMac big sur? Sych hangs on both at 30% thanks >>>> update 201122 no 116328
franz update : i works now with the imac on big sur, but I have described the remaining difficulty & questions with an Email to support , copied here:

Hi, Zetetic,
(1)Can I synchronise my iPhone not only with my iMac (there synch was and is now successful) and as well on the macbook to have additional redundancy ?
The problem is the following:
In the „ synchronisierungs“ page I see the following:

Service: Desktop-Wifi
Computer: Franz’s iMac
If the answer is yes to the above (1) question, how can I add the macbook computer which is an mid 2010 running on HighSierra.10.13.6 ( it was there until a recent update) ?
(2) Is it recomended to synch with two computers ?
(3) my macbook is a mid 2010 and it will remain with mac OS high sierra 10.13.6 , does this conflict ?`

Best regards

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