Search resets upon deletion of a match in W10


When I search for something and get multiple hits, if I delete one of the hits, Codebook resets to the standard category view. Other software either simply deletes the entry and maintains the list of other matches (Codebook on IOS, for instance), or re-executes the search (Windows Explorer, for instance). It’s rather inconvenient when there has been a sync collision and you are editing out duplicates to have to constantly reenter the search terms. I’m one voice among your user base, but I’d rather have to reset the search after completing all operations on the results than to have to reenter the search terms each time I want to act upon the searched subset.

In case this is a bug, I provide the following data - however, this behavior is the same on all of the four Windows 10 machines and one Windows 7 machine I sync my data to…

Windows 10 Pro Version 1709 Build 16299.248
PC: i7-5500U at 2.4 GHz 16.0GB Memory


Hi @pbabcock

Thank you for your feedback, we will investigate this further include a fix in a future release of Codebook for Windows. Thanks!