Show Category in Windows search results column

In the Windows version, the category list is displayed in the leftmost window, the entry or note names in the center, and the selected entry or note contents in the right. This works great when you are reviewing the contents of a specific category; however, if you have you have several entries with the same name under different categories, you have to click each one until you find the one you’re looking for. When I search in iOS, the results give the category for each entry in smaller print beneath each entry name - indispensable. Can we get the same behavior in the center column of the Windows version? It may be redundant when reviewing a category, but, as I said: it is indispensible when searching for an entry.

Thanks for your consideration!

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Hello @pbabcock

Thank you for the suggestion! We are currently working on a UI update to Codebook for Windows and will plan to include this in the next release. Thanks again!

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