Feature Request: Custom Category Sort Order


This is for Codebook Mac.

It would be very helpful to be able to manipulate the sort order in the category list by dragging the order you want them to appear. I have a standard set of categories that use and to have them at the top, in the order I choose them would save a lot of time.


Hi @TheMadCow

Thanks for your continued support of Codebook and for this feature request.

We have a few other similar requests previously (being able to manually sort categories and/or entries rather than defaulting to alphabetical sort).

In general we’ve found that using search in the toolbar can find the record/field you’re looking for fast and efficiently. In addition favoriting certain entries that are frequently used to be viewed through the “Favorites” view and propagate to the top of search results is also helpful.

One workaround (although not ideal) that would allow you to push specific categories to the top of the category list is to prepend the desired category names with a space. For example, if you had a category named “Work”, but you use it very frequently and want it at the top, you could switch the name to " Work".


We’ll still consider adding manual category/entry sorting in the future. Thanks!