Sorting Custom Labels


When you go to add a field, the list of Custom Labels is displayed but the list is not sorted. We need the list to be sorted in Alphabetical order.


Hi @ejsongy, can you tell us what operating system are you using Codebook on? You should be able to change the label sorting, but the directions depend on the app to a small degree. For instance, in Codebook for macOS, click on the Codebook menu > Preferences, and on the General tab you’ll see a setting “Sort Labels by [ dropdown ]” where you can select to sort them by name (localized), or by frequency-of-use (which is probably what you are seeing). On the iOS version of Codebook, tap on More > Settings > Customize Labels, and you’ll see a switch control at the top of the view for changing the sort order, [ Alpha | Freq ], for switching between alphabetic and frequency-of-use sorting of the labels.



I have 2 Pcs with Window 10 Pro and an HP Envy Laptop running Windows 7 Pro. I use Dropbox to Sync my Codebook Database between them. I get the same results on all 3 devices. When I go to add a new entry, the list of field names is not sorted. It appears to be in no particular order. However, when I add a new label to the list, that label appears at the end of the list. There are times that it appears that order of the list of labels appears to be somewhat reordered.

Eric J Songy


Hi @ejsongy

You can adjust the sorting of the labels displayed in the dropdown list on the entry editor within the File → Preferences window. You likely have it set to Frequency of use rather than Name which would explain why the new label appears at the bottom. Would you try adjusting that and let us know if that resolves the issue? Thanks!



You solved my issue.
I have been trying to figure this out ever since I originally got Codebook.
Thank you very much.

Eric J Songy


I just checked the Android Codebook App for the same *Sort labels by
*feature and I don’t see it.
Is it in a different place?



Hi @ejsongy

Excellent, we are glad to hear that solved the issue, and also sorry the feature wasn’t more obvious. We will take that into consideration in the future.

In Codebook for Android you will need to navigate to the Home → Settings screen within the application. Within Settings tap the Customize Labels row. At the top of the customize labels screen you can opt to sort the labels by name or frequency.



Did you get my other e-mail on the Codebook Android App?
I looked and Preference and did not see a Sort option.
If there is one, can you send me a screen shot of where its at?




Hello @ejsongy

Possibly there was a crossing in my response, I replied to you here. Would you mind trying that and letting us know if you are able to locate the setting? If not, would you mind writing back with the version number of Codebook for Android that you have installed? Thanks!



Codebook Version 3.3.10 is installed on my Samsung Galaxy S8.

Eric J Songy


Hi @ejsongy

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your customize labels screen? Please feel free to write into if you would prefer to keep this discussion confidential.



Turns out that the Android App - Codebook 3.3.10 does have the sorting option.

I found it just now.

Thanks for you help.

Eric J Songy


Hello @ejsongy

Great, glad to hear you were able to find it! Please let us know if you have any further questions.