Codebook 3.1.0 for Android - incorrect alphabetical order

Since the last update (Release 3.1.0) I noticed one error:
the alphabetical order in some lists is incorrect.
If it occurs only the first or the last (1 … 3) entries are affected.
When I edit one these entries and save it, the problem is solved and the order is correct.
It’s only a problem of the Android app.

It does not occur within the Windows program.

Hi @Frank_

Thank you for reporting the behavior you are seeing. In the first image, the JH entry appears at the top because you have marked it as a favorite item (i.e., the yellow star), all favorites are ordered to the top, then all other entries are sorted alphabetically. Is there by chance a leading space in the entry that starts with the text Frit at the bottom of the second image?

Hello Nick,

thanks for the fast reply.
I understand the sort behavior of the favorite items.
But this is not an explanation for the second fig. - and the entry has no leading space.
I send another fig. (fig. 3) of an incorrect sorting.

To force an update of the sort sequence I have edit the affected items. (Edit means: tap on the edit icon -> [no change] -> tap on save icon -> item is on correct alphabetic order)
Another way - tap on Fav. icon (star) [Favorite ON] (fig. 4) - tap again on Fav. icon [Favorite OFF] -> item is on correct alphabetic order (fig. 5)


Hi @Frank_

Thank you for the additional screenshots. Did you specifically notice the sorting issue immediately following your upgrade to Codebook for Android 3.1.0, or following a synchronization with another instance of Codebook? We have not modified any of the sorting routines since we introduced the favorites feature previously, however that does explain what you are seeing.

You mention that you are able to fix the sorting of the incorrect items by editing them, or toggling their favorite star. Does the incorrect sorting return or do they stay corrected? We will continue to try replicating this behavior locally, but haven’t been able to as of yet.

If I may ask, what device and Android OS version are you running? Is your device rooted?

Hello Nick,

I actually did not notice when the sorting issue started.
I sync Codebook for Android with a Windows PC (Codebook via WIFI (this worked fine all the time).
Besides this is a major funtionality for me: sync without internet or cloud - only very few password managers offer this. :+1:
The Windows program has not (and never had) any sorting issue.
If this issue under Android immediately began after Codebook for Android 3.1.0-Update? - I couldn’t say.

After toggeling the favorite star the sorting remains in the right order.

The sorting issue is not a big problem for me, but it’s irritating.
And I thought you should know this.

My device: HTC One X+
Android OS: 4.4.2 (stock rom)
device rooted: yes

Hi @Frank_

Thank you for the additional information, we are currently looking into the issue and will report back once we have additional information. Thanks!