Favorites list issue


My platform is Android 7.0 and Codebook 3.2.9.

My Favorites list is stuck on showing the last 20 entries or records viewed. It’s a mix of Starred and non-Starred entries.

I’ve looked in Setting to try change it, but, I don’t see how.

How do I change the Favorites list to only show Starred entries?


Hi @CADMan64

Thanks for posting and sorry to hear about the issue with the Favorites list. Could I ask which platform you’re using Codebook on (iOS, Android, Windows, macOS)? If you quit Codebook and re-launch it does the same thing happen? Thanks!



My platform Android 7.0 and Codebook 3.2.9.

Yes happens all of the time. I’ve tried closing and stopping Codebook and rebooting the phone. Favorites always shows the last 20.

When I first installed Codebook, over a year ago, it did work properly. I don’t know when it changed.



Would you try running an integrity check under Settings → Integrity Check and let me know if it reports any issues? Thanks!



Ran the integrity check and it does something and just an OK button is shown.

BTW, thanks for working this.



While we investigate further, I was wondering if you have a good copy of your database synced to a copy of Codebook on another device, Google Drive, or Dropbox?

If so, would you mind making sure that you’ve synced all your recent changes from the Android device, and then attempt to reinstall Codebook for Android and restore from that synced copy?

Let me know if this is possible for you, and if it has any affect on the Favorites displaying improper data. Thanks!



I do use syncing to get things on my tablet with the same version of Codebook. The tablet has Android 6.0.1

I synced from my phone to my tablet and the tablet version shows favorites correctly.

I will uninstall, re-install Codebook and sync in a little bit. I’ll keep you posted.


I went in this morning to uninstall/reinstall. I went into settings and did a Force Stop first. Opened Codebook and looked at the Favorites and it is working correctly now. Did not have to uninstall/reinstall.



Glad to hear it’s working as expected again. We’ll continue to investigate what might have been the cause. If you happen to see it occur again, would you mind posting back here or writing into support@zetetic.net and letting us know what steps you did prior to it happening? Thanks again for taking the time, and sorry for the trouble.



It’s messed up again. I made an edit to one of my entries earlier today.

I didn’t even pay attention to it before, but, there is Favorites and Recents selections on the Home menu. Both of them are the same as of right now. On the Recents page there is a trashcan icon that clears the entries shown.

I can be either in Favorites and Recents and they are exactly the same. If I delete the entries on one they disappear from both.

Well I tried to recreate it. I force stopped Codebook, opened Codebook, Favorites are correct, Recents show different entries than Favorites, made a change to an entry, looked at Favorites again. Favorites are still correct.

I don’t know what’s going on.



Thanks for posting back, and sorry the incorrect behavior has appeared again. We’re still investigating what might be the cause of this. I’ll reach back out when we have more information. In the mean time, if you find that it’s occurring after certain actions (you’re able to reproduce it using specific steps), please feel free to post back with the additional information. Thanks!