PC Version - Labels Editing

PC Version 2.4.10

Customising Labels under the “File” Tabm, the labels are sorted - which is a good thing.

However when editing an Entry’s Label - the available labels are not sorted out. It will be an improvement if these were also sorted for easier selection.

Using the arrow keys sometimes does not work, The arrow keys scrolling seems unable to pick up some of the the available choices within the same alphabet group

Hello @squire - just to confirm, when you are editing an entry label, do you mean renaming the entry in the list, or changing the label for a particular field?

Hi sjlombardo

thanks i’ve manged to work out my problem with sorting the labels in the pc version.

However - with regard to sorting of labels on the android version, under “Settings -Settings - Customize Labels - Choose a Label”, these dont seem sorted although they may be sorted on the PC version. How can I get the Labels sorted on the Android version when selecting one…
The unsorted labels also occurs when trying to edit an Entry and adding a new Field - the field is unsorted as well.

Also, on the PC Version when creating or editing an Entry - why does the choice in the Labels drop down button appaear as “Pin” as not something from the top of the list ?


Hello @squire

We have included a fix to an upcoming release of STRIP for Windows that will address sorting issues with custom labels. We will look to add the ability to select sorting fields by name or frequency of use within STRIP for Android as we have in STRIP for iOS.

We will take a look at this further, thanks!