Sql cipher and hockeyapp on ios not compatible?


i am using sql cipher on ios - but have had to remove hockeyapp crash reporting because of name resolution conflicts when building - is this a know limitation and is there a way around this


@paulwhite Can you provide the actual errors you are seeing, as well as some information on how you are including SQLCipher (i.e. linking static lib w/ commercial edition, using cocoapods, or using the sqlcipher.xcode embedded project)?


i am using xamarin for ios

anyway i just bought the commercial version today and the errors are no longer occurring




Hello @paulwhite, I’m glad to hear the problem is resolved, thanks for letting us know!


I may have spoken too soon - when doing App Store build including sql cipher and hockey app i get the following error

Native linkfailed duplicate symbol '_llvm.cmdline’
Duplicate symbol in: libsqlcipher-ios.a(sqlite.3.o)
Duplicate symbol in: hockeySDK.a

any thoughts




Hello @paulwhite - What version of XCode are you using to build your application?


Another question for you: where is the hockeySDK.a file coming from? Specifically, is that the binary distribution from Hockey, or are you building the static archive yourself?

If the first, a binary distribution pre-compiled for you, it probably already has the system (or custom) sqlite3 symbols linked into it as a dependency. You’ll want to rebuild this, or reconfigure your CocoaPods setup, to exclude sqlite3.dylib.


i am using hockey from xamarin components store - i am using a paid for sqlcipher from the same place


Hello @paulwhite - thanks for clarifying that. It seems likely that HockeyApp has an undocumented dependency on the sqlite3 library, and that dependency is causing problems when the Xamarin component is linked. It might be worth contacting HockeyApp support about this, as resolving the issue might require modifications to their component.