SQLCipher 4.0.0 Release


We are incredibly excited to announce the much anticipated release of SQLCipher 4. This is a major update that includes new features, improvements, and fixes. Here are some of the most important highlights:

  • PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA512 is the new KDF algorithm
  • HMAC-SHA512 is now used for per-page HMACs default KDF algorithm
  • The default database page size has been increased to 4096 bytes
  • KDF iteration count has been increased to 256,000
  • Improved memory sanitization features
  • Significant performance improvements for common use cases on platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows
  • New baseline on upstream 3.25.2 enabling many new SQLite features
  • Completely revamped client API support for .NET based platforms including sqlite-net, Entity Framework, and Microsoft ADO.NET

Please read the full release announcement here on our blog. We look forward to your feedback. Thanks!


Whoo hoo!!! UPSERT support!