SQLCipher crash on Oppo with Android 5.0 devices

Hi, App is crashing on Oppo with Android 5.0 devices when we started using the “sqlcipher:4.3.0” to support “Room” library in our app. After installation of the app, just clicking on the app icon its crashing. It was working fine with “sqlcipher:3.5.9” version.

Do we have any solution for this issue?

Hello @durganprasad

We have received reports of issues with Oppo devices running on Android 5 specifically. From our review of the behavior, we have provided feedback regarding a potential workaround for users wishing to target that specific target environment, with the appropriate disclaimers noting the potential performance impact. If your organization is looking for a turnkey solution to address this specific issue, we would ask that you reach out to us at support@zetetic.net to discuss Enterprise licensing.