SQLCipher DownGrade

Hi developer.
Can I ask question?
Now. I use SqlCipher 4.2.2

If I want SqlCipher Downgrade 4.2 to 3.x,x or 2,x,x

what should I do?

It is impossible??


Hi @chad

It would be difficult to downgrade because the default security settings for SQLCipher 4 are not available in SQLCipher 3.x (i.e. PBKDF2-HMAC-512 and HMAC-512). What problems are you facing with your version of SQLCipher?

Hi @developernotes
thanks reply.
Then so.can you tell me how SQLCipher setting 4.2.2 version(where the eclipse tool, not android),?
Because I migrated eclipse adt -> android studio.
Eclipse adt is SQLCipher version is installed libdatabase_sqlcipher.so, libsqlcipher_android.so, libstlport_shared.so, icudt46l.zip

Hi @chad

Those are all the old artifacts for SQLCipher for Android. You will want to remove those old files if you are upgrading. The newer version of SQLCipher for Android can be included with an application using the AAR reference within a Gradle project file. You can follow the instructions here for integration guidance.