SQLCipher for Android 3.3.1-1 Release

Hi folks,

We would like to announce the release of SQLCipher for Android 3.3.1-1. This release contains updates which address the crash behavior when targeting Android Marshmallow due to text relocations in the native libraries. We have added the DatabaseErrorHandler support with a hat tip to @brodybits. Along with these changes our community releases will only be available via Gradle aar integration. Utilizing aar packaging and distribution on both Maven Central and jCenter, application integration for developers should be streamlined, resolving sometimes troublesome integrations. Zip distribution is still available for commercial license holders.

To integrate SQLCipher for Android into your Android application using Gradle, add the following line within your dependencies block:

compile 'net.zetetic:android-database-sqlcipher:3.3.1-1@aar'
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Error:duplicate files during packaging of APK …

I do the suggestion

You can ignore those files in your build.gradle:
android {
packagingOptions {
exclude ‘lib/armeabi/libdatabase_sqlcipher.so’

And it keeps asking me for differnt .so files…

By they way, I did remove the old libe file

Hello @Pedro_Varela

It sounds as if you may have a remnant of a previous install of SQLCipher for Android within your project, were you using SQLCipher for Android before? If so, you will want to fully remove the previous files as the new aar package will contain everything you need.

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Is this official and stable? I don’t see reference to this in sqlcipher’s website or github??

Hello @riyaz

Yes, however we are investigating an issue reported on the 4.0.3 x86 platform. We have published the release here, updated our open source page with the version, and published the tag.

We have started using @aar and everything works fine except that the we’re missing the documentation to see the context help while typing in the IDE.
Cursor c = ;
so when I type c. (c dot), nothing showed up.

Do we have to do anything special to get access to the javadoc?

Hello @kiranmusham

What editor and version are you using? Does pressing F1 display the documentation?