SqlCipher in iOS today extension?


Has anyone had any success using SQLCipher from an iOS today extension? (we’re using xamarin.iOS)

We are working on adding an extension to our existing project but at the point of loading data from SqlCipher is seems our extension is terminated every time.

It is only reading from a very small database but I’m concerned mostly about the size of the dependancy and the tight memory limitations for iOS extensions.



Hello @lewis_t - A few questions to narrow things down:

  1. are you able to use SQLCipher successfully from a full application using the same / similar code?
  2. if you remove the dependency on SQLCipher (i.e. by using a standard SQLite platform SQLite.Net.Platform.XamarinIOS), does the today extension work?


Sorry to resurrect an ancient thread @lewis_t, but does this sound similar to your issue: https://github.com/sqlcipher/sqlcipher/issues/255


Hi @lewis_t

Are you using WAL for your journal mode by chance?


This does sound very similar to what i was seeing. We don’t explicitly set journal_mode =‘WAL’ though and it does not appear that that is the default when using the sqlite pcl. Encryption is enabled on the database though.