SQLCipher in Java Application!


i compiled the sqlcipher in my Linux machine.
Now, i have to use it in an application i built for my school exam.
Unfortunatly, in my sqlcipher directory i have only the libraries for C language and not for Java.
How can i recompiling it for Java? Or transform for Java language?
Thanks a lot


Hello @iu6djr

SQLCipher only distributes the source of the core C library, all client library packaging must be performed separately if you are not using the C interface directly. Packaging SQLCipher to be used with a Java application can be a nontrivial process. You might consider starting with the Xerial JDBC library as a starting point. Feel free to post questions here in the community forums if you run into specific issues.


Ok, thanks a lot…the question is: is it possible compiling this library for java desktop or not? Because if it’s possible, i will study how to do this, but if it isn’t possibile i will change project.
That’s very important for me and for my exam…


Hello @iu6djr - Yes, it is technically possible to do (as @developernotes mentioned we sell a product that does exactly this), however it is definitely a complex integration and build scenario.