TOTP Display Format


Feature Request (sorry if this is the wrong place):

May seem small but would there be any way or option to add “grouping” or spacing?
[ 123456 ] -vs- [ 123 456 ] -vs- [ 12 34 56 ]

With the grouping/space, find it much easier to quickly read/repeat (when manually entering).

Thank you



Thank you for using Codebook and posting with this feature request.

(sorry if this is the wrong place)

Here on our discussion board or emailing it to us at are both good places for feature suggestions, feedback, or questions.

I think this may be useful as well (I frequently end up grouping the TOTP codes into 3’s when repeating them in my head to re-enter).

We’ll discuss this a bit more internally and consider including it in a future release. Thanks!




Just wanted to drop in and mention that Codebook for iOS 3.3.9 was released this morning, which includes your suggestion for grouping TOTP codes into sets of 3 on display (i.e. [ 123456 ] → [ 123 456 ]).



How is this option toggled for existing and new entries?



This should be the default now on macOS and iOS – all TOTP’s should be displayed in [123 456] format. There’s no option to toggle it on and off. Are you seeing something different?


Own both the PC version and Android.



The TOTP display formatting isn’t available for Windows and Android yet. Although it is something we’re looking into.

I’ll post back here with an update when we have one. Thanks!