TouchID and Fingerprint Sensors

From our support box:

For desktop? For mobile? (iphone 5s and samsung s5)?

there's a Verifi finger print reader for $99 that works with Last pass. I think it would be huge if Strip supported usb finger print readers on laptop/desktop.

these type of fingerprint readers work as Windows authentication.... it would be cool if they could be Strip authentication also.

and then of course the mobile device way

Lots of cool info there! Anyway, the TL;DR here is no, there’s no way to use a fingerprint sensor with STRIP at this time. I don’t think we’ll ever use a fingerprint sensor as a substitute for a good, strong passphrase, but we can see uses for it when it comes to features like auto-lock and may decide to take advantage of TouchID at some point. With regard to supporting the third-party devices mentioned above, we’ll have to see.

I have to say you guys really have the most user friendly and secured password manager I have used.
1 Password has implemented the ability to use touchID on Iphones and I was wondering if your thoughts on the implementing of this function had evolved since July.

Many thanks

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I have been using STRIP on all of my Apple devices for a while now. The ability to sync across devices is a boon! It is a great piece of software. Would love to see touchID integration.


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@Elie_Cohen nope, our thoughts have not changed! It’s still on The List of things to do, we just haven’t gotten to it yet. Thanks for the feedback!

We’re almost in mid-2015 and there’s still no TouchID support? Two years after its launch? You guys gotta be kidding me. Every app has TouchID support, including sh*ty useless apps, but you don’t?

STRIP is my favorite password-wallet app, but if I can’t use it everyday comfortably without having to type this annoying pin/password, I will have to look for an alternative. I paid for a good app, I want it to be up to date! And no TouchID support is not what I consider being up to date.

So, who wants to beta test it?

Sure thing, sign me up !!!
But you are not answering the question…have you guys been working on this? Is the beta test ready to go? It really is about time.

I’m not? We’ve said many times we’re working on this. If you want to help us beta test, send us an email at, or privately message me with your email address.

Is the beta test ready to go? It really is about time.

The feature is ready for beta testing. We got the results we needed Thursday and Friday from current testers and internal testing, but we’ll do it again soon. We’ll be making a few more tweaks, and doing more betas, until it is ready to ship.

Thanks for offering to help!

We still have another round of testing to complete, but it’s working pretty well so far:

We just released to TestFlight beta testers what we hope will be the last beta update before release. The Touch ID login feature is working nicely at this point. If anybody reading along wants to try it out, get in touch with us at

THG! Finally Touch ID support. When it would be availabe on the app store?

It’s hard to say, @ZemljakS, we submitted it for review to the iTunes App Store this afternoon. Soon!

Touch ID authentication is now available in STRIP for iPhone and STRIP for iPad! We have an open discussion thread here for problems and ideas for improvement.

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