Upgrading SQLCipher 3 -> 4 (GreenDao / Android)

I have been asked to fix an android app that has been released with an upgraded version of SQLCipher (4.2.0@arr) without any changes to migrate.

The app is obviously broken due to the incompatibility of versions.

private void initializeDatabase() {
    DaoMaster.DevOpenHelper helper = new DaoMaster.DevOpenHelper(this, "app-encrypted");
    Database db = helper.getEncryptedWritableDb("app-password");
    daoSession = new DaoMaster(db).newSession();

I have seen bits of information here and there. But is there a guide somewhere that I can follow that is specifically for GreenDao / Android to get this encrypted database working with the new version.

Hi @Phillip_Whitaker

Would you mind taking a look at this page, as it details the upgrade options available when moving to SQLCipher 4.