Windows codebook locks - ignoring the set preference


I am running Windows 10
I have set lock after 8 hours
Codebook is pretty much locked whenever I want to use it during the day.

  • What am I doing wrong? Or is this expected behavior?

Hello @jedge

Are you by chance locking Windows (either manually, or via the screensaver), requiring you to login to Windows to unlock your desktop? If so, Codebook for Windows will automatically lock and require you to login again in those scenarios.


Yes. That is what is happening – but didn’t seem to happen on windows 7

My corporate screen saver locks very often (I cannot change this) and it has broken my codebook experience day to day.

My company keepass has retailed the 8 hour unlock behaviour.

Any chance of a new tickbox to allow non locking on windows lock?




Hello @jedge

My apologizes for the delayed response. We will discuss this internally. If we proceed the adjustment will be available in a future release. Thanks!