Feature Request: Auto lock time based on location


when I’m at home, the chances of someone prying my opened unlocked laptop away from me are extremely low, so having Codebook auto lock after 8 hours is completely justified.
When I am in the office, chances are still low yet a bit higher, so I would feel comfortable with 10 minutes.

While traveling however, I want Codebook to lock as soon as possible (so there might be another feature request: unlock for a single password retrieval and lock immediately after that).

So if the time it takes for Codebook to lock could be depending on network location/connected WIFI, that’d be perfect.

Thanks a lot for your thoughts on that!

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Thanks for using Codebook, posting this feature request, and outlining your use case.

While we feel that this could be really handy for the use case you outlined, we’re also somewhat worried that users would be concerned about Codebook knowing/tracking their location/geofencing.

A possibility would be to the place this in some sort of “Advanced Options” for locking and have variable locking based on location disabled by default (i.e. it would behave as it does now by default, but you could enable variable locking if desired).

That being said, we’d like to think about this a bit more and get some additional feedback from other users on what their thoughts are as well.