How to keep codebook open until I lock it

New to codebook and liking it a lot so far. What doesn’t see to be working for me is the lock time, I set it up to lock after 8 hours but locks within minutes of not using it - help please :slight_smile:

Hey @cysayles

Thanks for purchasing Codebook and posting to the Codebook discussion forum. I’ll be happy to help.

Could you let me know which platform you’re using Codebook on?

Codebook for Desktop automatically locks when certain system events occur (i.e. you put your computer to sleep, lock the screen, logout of the user account). But it sounds like what you’re describing is occurring when you’re actively logged on and Codebook is incorrectly locking when it shouldn’t, is that correct?

Would you try switching the Autolock timer to another value then back to 8 hours and saving/closing the preferences window and see if that helps at all?


That explains what’s happening, I’m in an office and and turn the screen off on my Mac frequently. Is there a way to fix this so it locks based on the time set in the app?


Thanks for the response. There’s actually a separate preference within Codebook for macOS for locking when the screen saver is initiated or the screen is locked (it defaults to on).

If you go to Codebook menu > Preferences > Locking tab, there’s checkbox right below the autolock timer setting which says “Lock Codebook on screen saver start and screen lock”, could you try unchecking that and see if that allows Codebook to remain unlocked when you lock your screen as desired. Thanks!