Xcode 8 problem with iPhone 5?


I will preface this with I know this is not a supported scenario, as I have cocoapods that use sqlite. But after working through the issues and advice in the Important Advisory post _ I got my builds to work. MY app is currently iPad only and was able to build and run on iOS 10 and 9 without issue.

However I just recently built to an iPhone 5 running iOS 9.3 and despite using $(BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR)/libsqlcipher.a in my other linker flags - SQL Cipher is not used. The build succeeds and app installs but it fails the pragma check. Use of sqlite3_key causes a crash.

Am I screwed here? Building to an iPad mini 4 with iOS 9.3 doesn’t have this issue?


Hello @tcoyle - If I recall you have a rather complex project setup, and it sounds like you are building and deploying to multiple platforms via the debugger. I am not aware of a circumstance where an identical build would work on one device but not another given an identical operating system. It is possible that there are subtle differences in the build based on the architecture or something else (i.e. build for active archs only, some architecture-specific xcode settings, etc). To narrow things down, instead of building and debugging in each target individually, to I would consider building a single ipa release archive (i.e. adhoc) and then deploying it to the two devices to see if you get different behavior.