Android Home Screen Bug

Whenever I tap on the home icon the Menu to choose categories, favorites, recents, etc. appears as expected. However, the right edge shows an overlay of the previous screen. It’s mostly icons and maybe a bit of the firs letter. A picture is worth more than words, so here is the pic (sorry about the quality.)

Same problem on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy Tab S6.

Hi @leonid55,

The left side navigation will only expands so far, this intentionally leaves a portion of the main viewing area visible on the right side. If you tap on the “slice” of the main viewing area when the left side navigation is visible, the left side navigation will animate away. Please let me know if this is not what you are referring to.

Yes, it behaves exactly as you say. I haven’t used it on Android much lately, so I forgot some of the details. Thank you.