Codebook on Pixelbook


I’ve been running Codebook on my recently acquired Pixelbook, and while it works, it behaves quite strangely. The login screen hangs around after logging in, and sometimes other screens are also there. In order to close all of them, I need to close them in the reverse order that they appeared. Is this a known issue with chromebooks, and if so, is there any hope for a fix?


Hi @halbro

Unfortunately we do not have a Pixelbook to verify the behavior, however we have seen this behavior on other devices such as the Samsung Note 5. In those instances, the OEM application switcher renders each activity stack as an individual screen. This behavior isn’t something we generally see on other Android devices, however we will keep our eye out. Are you using the default application switcher on your Pixelbook?


Yes, I’m using the default application switcher.


Thanks @halbro, we will keep an eye out for this behavior.