New Galaxy s6 - Codebook won't stay open after leaving screen

With my older galaxy s4 I was able to enter code book, copy the password, then leave code book, enter the Internet to paste the password. Then I could go back to code book and it would still be open for the designated time that I had chosen. With this new Galaxy S 6 it does not stay open. Everytime I leave code book I have to re enter my password. I have it set to stay open for 5 minutes, and yet it closes anyway. I am running Android 6.0.1. The version of Codebook is 3.2.9. So how do I fix this?

Hello @bronxer

I’m sorry to hear about the behavior you are experiencing. Can you confirm that you have both the Use Timer option checked, and the Lock after value selected to 5 minutes?

User timer was not checked. And that fixed it. Thank you so much.

Hello @bronxer

Excellent, I’m happy to hear that resolved the issue. Take care!