Codebook on ChromeOS

I can’t get codebook to function using the Android app from within the most recent version of chrome os. Any plans to add a progressive web app for chrome?

Hi @J_Borak

I’m sorry to hear about the troubles. What Chromebook device are you using, along with the version of the OS? Have you previously run Codebook for Android on this same device? If so, was it just the Chrome OS that changed?

Lenovo Ideapad Duet. ChromeOS and Chrome browser are both V 81.0.4044.141.
This is a brand new device. I am trying to run the Android version of codebook on the device.
I am trying to use tablet mode. I’ll try to hook the keyboard to see if that works in laptop mode. No go.
I get the message to set the master password (which I do).
Then the app closes. Next time I try to get in it asks for the master password and then it crashes.
I get the “send feedback” message but I cannot copy paste the system log to send it to you.

I fixed it. I wiped it out and uninstalled it.
I had to go to your website and click install from the Google Play Store. This brought me to the website version of the Google play store.
I installed it and then it took me through the QR code and sync. I am good to go. Thanks,

Hello @J_Borak

Excellent, we are happy to hear everything is running properly for you now! It sounds as if you may have had a corrupt installation.