Apple Watch Sync?


Any plans on syncing some passwords to the Apple Watch?


Hi @jkender

Thank you for your support of Codebook and for posting a feature request. We’ll definitely consider adding Apple Watch integration in the future. Could I ask what type of data you would view on the watch and what would you use that data for (i.e. viewing passwords/pins to enter them into physical devices like alarm panels/ATM machines or viewing passwords/pins/TOTP’s to enter into a computer? or something else all together?)



Thanks for the reply Micah. I have been a Strip/Codebook users for years and will continue. However, I use 1Password for it’s Apple Watch feature. I typically use it for our company’s wifi password since I’m in IT and people always ask me for the latest password, cypher lock combination doors I need to access in our building, and frequently used application passwords (typically only need about 5-10 entries on my watch (not looking for the entire database – want to be able to CHOOSE which ones get synched to the watch) for FREQUENT and ease-of-access usage. (I use a 2 factor authentication app on my apple watch so I am always using the watch for being the “go-to” device to quickly look up codes/passwords, etc., so Codebook for Apple Watch would be a great benefit so I can get rid of 1Password just for that capability) Hope this helps.

Jim –


I would like to see integration with Apple Watch to simply unlock the app on the iPhone or iMac when it’s accessed. Similar to they way the iphone or iMac unlocks.



Hi @rb066u,

Thank you for support of Codebook and for posting with this feature request. At this time we’re not planning on implementing Codebook authentication with an Apple Watch as the sole method (i.e. just your Apple Watch would unlock Codebook on your mac or iOS device). We have potentially looked into using Apple Watch as a second factor for authentication, and may revisit that in the future.