TouchID on Mac support

Currently Codebook does a great job with TouchID on MacOS. What I’ve been wondering is if there is any way that it could implement the ability to use an Apple Watch to confirm login? In recent versions, several different dialogs give you the ability to use an Apple Watch no only for login, but also to confirm things like deleting apps, unlocking the System Preferences, etc. This works in that I can do a double click on my watch as a substitute for putting a finger on the TouchID sensor.

Where this would be really useful for Codebook would be on the Mac Mini I have as it doesn’t have a sensor, but still can use TouchID when combined with the Apple Watch. Anyway, just a thought that this would be great if it was possible to add support for it.


Hey @Chris_Lyttle

Thank you very much for your support of Codebook, for the kind words and for posting to the discussion forum with this request.

We have had a few requests in the past for using an Apple Watch as a second factor for unlocking Codebook for macOS, which is definitely something that we’re interested in pursuing in the future. One prerequisite for this was Codebook 4 introducing the Sync Key.

Are you referring to “Approve with Apple Watch” which was introduced in macOS Catalina:

From our understanding, unfortunately that feature doesn’t seem to be available for 3rd party apps at this time – although we’re hopeful that it may be introduced in the future.

Yes, that’s right its the ‘Approve with Apple Watch’ feature. I was not aware that it’s not available to third party apps. I guess that explains why apps like Duo and Okta have implemented their own Apple Watch app to perform that function. Hopefully Apple will introduce API’s for you to do this soon!

FYI, been using Codebook/STRIP since the old Palm Pilot days and still love it. Probably one of my most used apps and I don’t know 90% of my passwords due to relying on Codebook on all my devices. Thanks for sticking with this app for such a long time and making it the best password manager out there!