Backward scrolling


Is there a way to change the direction of mouse scrolling in the Windows version? Right now, if I roll the scroll wheel towards me, the list scrolls towards the top of the list. To me this feels backwards. In most other Windows applications when the scroll wheel is pulled, the window scrolls down the page.


Hi @frasej - Thanks for using STRIP! I’ve tried to reproduce this behavior, but on our test computers the scrolling for STRIP categories, accounts and entry views is consistent with all other applications like Internet Explorer. If I might ask a few questions:

  1. Are you running STRIP directly on a PC computer, or inside of a Virtual Machine on a system that has reverse scrolling, e.g. on a Mac?
  2. What version of Windows are you running STRIP on?
  3. Do you have any custom mouse settings enabled
  4. Are you seeing this behavior with any other applications?

  1.   Directly on a PC running Win7 64bit, 32GB ram
  2.   See above
  3.   Yes, but not for this program.  My mouse is a Logitech G602 gaming mouse
  4.   This is the only application that exhibits this behavior



Hi @frasej

We have been unable to reproduce the behavior you are describing. I was wonder if you would be willing to try a couple of different scenarios to see if we can isolate this.

  1. Could you plug in a standard mouse that does not have any additional functionality for gaming configured?
  2. Would it be possible for you to create another user account on Windows and then launch STRIP, creating some dummy data?

In either of those scenarios we would be curious if you continue to see the same scrolling behavior you are currently seeing. Thanks!


It does not matter what mouse or user account I use. Strip is scrolling in the wrong direction. Again, if I move the top of the mouse wheel toward the front of the mouse, the scroll bar moves down the page and the text moves up the page. This is totally backward from any other application.


Hi @frasej - Thanks for getting back to us about this. We’re still unable
to see this behavior across any of our windows workstations, laptop, and a
variety of mice, touchpads, etc. Do you have any other applications
installed that might affect the mouse behavior, i.e. AutoHotKey, X-Mouse
Button Control, or mouse specific drivers?


I have a lot of applications installed and this one is the only one that is affected, so I’d have to say, NO, I don’t have any applications that would affect it.


Hello @frasej

Specifically what version of STRIP for Windows are you running, this can be found in the Help → About menu. Have you used previous version of STRIP for Windows before, if so, did they also behave in the manner you describe above?


It is

I have not used any other version.