Taskbar Icon Issues


STRIPs behaviour in Windows 7’s taskbar is a little odd. I pin STRIP to the taskbar but the icon shown is one that shows a blank sheet of white paper rather than the standard STRIP icon. Also, when I start STRIP from the pinned icon, a second blank icon is displayed on the taskbar with this being highlighted as an active program - the original pinned icon stays unhighlighted. This is not standard behaviour.


Hello @ikrananka

What version of STRIP for Windows are you current running? This can be found in the Help → About menu.



I’m using v2.5.10 but have seen this behaviour on multiple Windows 7 64-bit PCs over quite a few prior versions of STRIP. I think there was one version that I saw the correct icon on the taskbar but then when I upgraded to the next version it changed back to a blank white page icon again.


Hello @ikrananka

Can you try deleting the existing link pinned to the task bar, relaunching STRIP for Window fresh and pinning the icon. Does that resolve the display issue?


Nope - that doesn’t make any difference. If I unpin the icon, and start STRIP, even the active program STRIP icon on the taskbar is shown as a blank white sheet icon. Pinning it again still gives a second blank white sheet icon.


Hello @ikrananka

That is a very interesting behavior. I just tried pinning the icon in a fresh Windows 7 64 bit VM and it displayed properly. We will keep an eye out for this in the future.



I’d like to post an image of what I get - how does one add an image to a post here?


Hello @ikrananka

I just adjusted your trust level. Can you try dragging an image into the post editor?


@developernotes - thanks :smile:

Here’s what I get on 3 different PCs. The inactive taskbar icon is the one I pinned, while a second icon appears for the active STRIP dialog.


Hello @ikrananka

Thanks for the screenshot, we will see if we can replicate that locally.