Desktop version does not lock when closing the app

I have the latest version of STRIP for PC (2.5.3) when I first open STRIP it asks for the password, if I get it wrong it does not open, as you would expect.

I close the app using the X in the top right, the icon in the system tray says that STRIP has been locked.

I start the app from the icon on the desktop, here’s the kicker, the app does not care one bit what password I put it, it will open. If I go “File / Lock application” it requires the correct password to get back in.

If it is not going to lock STRIP when I close the window that’s fine, leave it unlocked until the timeout but don’t tell me it is locked when it is not. Have the system tray icon pop up saying “STRIP is not locked” then after the timeout another pop up saying “STRIP is now locked”

Hello @tuxcomputers

Thank you for sharing your observation. We have verified this issue and released a priority patch release of STRIP for Windows. Thanks again!