iOS: View state bug and crash using Lock STRIP Now in version 2.4.2

The latest version of STRIP for iPhone and STRIP for iPad in the iTunes App Store (version 2.4.2, released earlier today) has a minor bug, although it can look worse than it really is:

When you visit the Settings view in STRIP for iOS there’s a “Lock STRIP Now” option at the top of the list, this is often used by folks who don’t want to wait for Auto Lock to lock STRIP. Tapping on this option locks the database and displays the login view while clearing the application interface of your records. However, when you leave the app and return, the login view is improperly dismissed and the application view is shown even though the database is locked! If you then go back into Settings and attempt to adjust the locking settings or lock the app again, it will crash due to the inconsistent state of the interface.

So the work-around is just to launch the app again after it crashes, or terminate and re-launch the app, and avoid using “Lock STRIP Now” for now while we get a fix going and wait for it to pass through the iTunes App Store review process. You can either rely on the Auto Lock setting to lock STRIP for you, or turn off Auto Lock and STRIP will lock every time you leave the application.

If you are experiencing this issue, your data has not been harmed! It’s still there, safely locked away in the encrypted database. Sorry for the trouble!

Update: Another aspect of this problem is situations where Auto Lock is not enabled, the user exits the app, resumes using the app to find that the login view is not shown (has been dismissed, incorrectly) and the application view is visible. In this state the database is locked.

Finally, it seems the application view is not properly hidden when switching to the app chooser menu from STRIP (double-pressing the Home button.)

We have a fix for these issues, we’re giving it a thorough round of testing now.