Keeping Your Database Open with Auto Lock


STRIP does not decrypt the entire contents of your database when you provide your passphrase and start viewing and editing data. Instead it only reads and writes pages of the encrypted database as needed. When you sign out of STRIP, or switch to another app like on Android or iOS, STRIP closes the connection to the database and it can’t be opened back up without the passphrase.

However, you may want to keep STRIP open for a little while, for instance if you’re copying some data in or out of the app. Each version of STRIP supports a feature called Auto Lock that allows you to keep the database unlocked for a set period of time, useful for switching between STRIP and other applications. It’s off by default but it’s easy to turn it on:

For Windows

  • Launch STRIP and log in
  • Select File -> Preferences
  • Check “Automatically lock STRIP after:” and select a time interval

For OS X

  • Launch STRIP and log in
  • From the menu bar choose STRIP -> Preferences
  • Select the Locking tab
  • Check “Automatically lock STRIP after:” and select a time interval

For iOS

  • Launch STRIP and log in
  • Tap on the Settings tab
  • Tap on the circle-i button on the “Lock STRIP” row


  • Tap on the Use Timer switch to enable Auto Lock
  • Tap Lock after to adjust the interval

For Android

  • Launch STRIP and log in
  • Tap on the Home icon and select Settings
  • Tap on Preferences
  • Under Locking tap “Use timer” to enable and choose a “Lock after” interval


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