Password prompts


Recently, perhaps since the Secret Agent was introduced, I’ve been bothered by Strip password prompts. If I’ve been using Strip but then moved onto something else (so Strip is not even the active window) at some point a Strip password prompt will pop up right in front of my active window. It should just silently lock itself, not prompt for a password to take me away from what I’m doing. I’m using v2.4.10.0 on Windows 7.


Hello @quiquaequod

There are a couple of behaviors at play here, please let me try to explain them. If you actively have the main window of STRIP open, and also have the auto lock timer enabled, once the timer period has elapsed the application will become locked and a login prompt will be visible. As an alternative, you can close the main window, which will lock STRIP, however it will still be running in the background for secret agent, however you will not see the login window immediately. Activating either the secret agent hot key, or clicking the STRIP icon in the systray would then prompt you for a password to access STRIP. You could consider extending the auto lock time out period from the preferences window. We have also included a new hot key to lock STRIP for Windows (Ctrl+Shift+L from the main window). Disabling the auto lock feature while still leaving the main window open will prevent the application from locking, unless you manually lock it.

We will discuss internally your suggestion, however we can not commit to changing the behavior at this time. Thank you for your feedback!


OK, thanks @developernotes, for now I’ll try playing with the settings and perhaps be more stringent in simply closing the Strip window before doing something else.