Secret Agent does not work after opening main window


I’m running on Mac OSX 10.10.3. I can run secret agent with no issues. However, I had to change the password for one of my accounts after I used it to log in through secret agent. I had to open the main window to do this. Once I opened the main window, secret agent no longer works. I can’t figure out how to get it to run again, other than rebooting the computer. Any ideas why this is happening?


Hi @schmatt, sorry about that, this is the first we’re hearing of this problem and I haven’t reproduced it (just yet). How are you opening the main window when this happens? Assuming STRIP is running (because Secret Agent had been launched) you could click on the Dock icon for STRIP, switch to STRIP and choose Main Window from its Window menu, there are a few ways. Thanks!


I’m opening the main window by selecting “Main Window” from the window menu. Once I do this, secret agent no longer starts when I attempt to run it. Even if I quit the app, it no longer recognizes the key stroke to start secret agent.


I am also on OS X 10.10.3, and have also noticed that secret agent stops working at some point. I haven’t made observations that would indicate any particular event that triggers this. What I have observed though is that in 99% of the cases opening preferences and disabling and re-enabling (and choose user scripts folder in the process) brings it back.


Thanks for the additional feedback! We have reproduced the problem and we’re looking into a fix now.


We have been testing a fix for this since Thursday. If you are using the direct build of STRIP for OS X from Zetetic (not the Mac App Store version) and you’d like to help us test it out, please drop us a line at or send me a private message here in the forum and we’ll get you set up.