First click doesn't focus the item clicked on

I’ve now used STRIP for Windows often enough to characterize this behavior.

When STRIP is first launched, the first window presented is generally the Enter Password dialog, so focus of course goes to that window. After successfully entering the password, the STRIP main window appears and has focus, but focus is actually on the search box at the top right of the app. I suppose this is convenient for searching, but generally I want to click my way to the item I’m looking for, so the first click I try to make is on a category or an item within the already-displayed category.

When I make that first click, however, it doesn’t seem to register. Focus jumps not to the category or item I clicked on, but to the default, last-focused item instead. When I notice this, I normally click again, trying to focus the item I clicked, but because the two clicks have come close together, STRIP registers this as a double-click, and starts trying to get me to edit the item, which is not what I wanted to do. When this happens often enough, it adds up to frustration.

I’ve noticed that the behavior is as I expect, if I click on another app to make focus leave STRIP, and then click back on an item on STRIP to regain focus. The particular item or category I click on receives immediate focus, just as I expect (on Windows, anyway… I know Mac is different in this regard).

After playing with it for a while, I’ve noticed that it’s not that it’s the first click after the app is brought up that loses the item I click on, it’s the fact that the Search box is selected. Whenever I click in the search box, and then try to click on some other icon, category, or item, STRIP doesn’t register where exactly I click; it just moves focus back to the lower part of the window, without paying attention to exactly where I’m clicking. And this behavior seems wrong to me.

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Hi @ZipFoxtaur

Thank you for the details steps in recreation, we will look into this behavior and get a fix in place. Thanks!

Wow, you guys are really fast. This issue is already fixed in the latest STRIP.
Now that’s what I call responsive development. I’m glad to be a customer of Zetetic.

Hi @ZipFoxtaur

Thanks for confirming the issue was resolved on your end as well. Take care!