SFM: Category not highlighted for selected Entry in Search results


I use STRIP v2.4.2 on my MAC (OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks) and for the most part I love this app.

The problem I am having is when I do a search the resultant Entries are shown and if I click on the Entry I expect to see the Category this Entry belongs to be highlighted so I can see which Category this Entry belongs to. In my case, the Category for the Entry I have selected is not highlighted. Is this a bug or a feature?

If I click the X next to the Search field after having seen my search results, then it will highlight the Category and Entry but defaults to highlighting the first entry in my search result instead of focusing on the Entry I had selected before I clicked the X.

I have tried with Preferences set to “Default focus to search on launch” and without this option clicked, but both have the same symptoms when I do a search.

I use the Search feature all the time and would like to see the Category be highlighted for any Entry I click on (highlight) in the search results.

I am a bit confused how to find the Category for an Entry I have highlighted from a search result.

I am willing to be a beta tester for the new version if you think it might fix this.



Is this a bug or a feature?

Ha, well it’s definitely not a feature! Handling the selected category (and the tab focus loop) in the current version (2.4.2) is a little buggy. However, when search is active the category of an entry is not selected, because the entries list is used to display the search results, and selecting the category of a selected search result after the fact then causes the entries list to be updated, clearing out the search results. I’d like to fix that and we might be able to finagle it soon (I’ll look into it again). In the next update the category is properly selected when search is not active, but when search is active and a search result is selected we don’t then select the category of the that entry. To make up for that the category name is displayed on the entry record view, just below the entry name.

I am willing to be a beta tester for the new version if you think it might fix this.

Fresh meat! We would love your help testing the next version of STRIP for OS X. I’ll get in touch privately. Thanks!


Displaying the Category name below the Entry would be helpful if you cannot get it to highlight the Category when a search is active. I will send a separate email regarding beta testing.

Thanks for the quick reply.