Deleting entry in search list results doesn't work?

I think I’ve noticed a bug where, run the STRIP program on the Windows 7 Home Premium OS. If:

  • you search for entries (in my case, all entries are underneath categories)
  • get a list of entries matching your search condition
  • delete one of entries in the search results list

it looks like it gets deleted, but as soon as you search again, you’ll see it’s still there.

If I just look at the full list of entries for the category and delete the entry from that list, it works fine.

Has anyone else seen this?

Thanks in advance

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Hello @BenSlade

Thanks for the notification of this behavior. We have been able to reproduce it locally and will include a fix in the next release. Just a quick side note, for the interim, if you manually select the entry from the assigned category, as opposed to searching for it, deleting the entry does properly work in that case.

This behavior is present in Version 3.0.9 (374) for Mac except that it doesn’t even try to delete it – the delete buttons are disabled.

Hi @jcschell,

I can confirm that the delete entry toolbar button item is disabled while displaying search results, this is a validation bug. However, the Delete command is available under the Edit menu while displaying search results, and is also accessible via the keyboard shortcut ⌘ delete, and it does appear to still be working correctly, deleting the selected entry result. Does that match what you are seeing?