Can't Sync From Mac after OS Sierra 10.12.3 update!


When I try to sync from Codebook app on my Mac after the OS Sierra 10.12.3 update, I get the following error message:

“A database error occurred, sync cannot continue. Your data has not been altered. Error: ditto_replicate error processing inserts from changelog”

I sync via DropBox. Sync from my iPhone still works. Help!


Hi @jmv1970

Thank you for your support of Codebook and for posting here, although I’m sorry for the trouble with syncing.

I have a few questions which should help us determine how to proceed:

  1. What version of Codebook for Mac are you using? This can be found under Codebook → About Codebook menu
  2. Is your most up-to-date data currently on your iPhone/Dropbox, or do you have changes on your Mac that haven’t been synced yet?
  3. Could you run an integrity check under File → Integrity Check and let me know if it reports any errors?



Hello Micah,

  1. The version is Version 3.2.1 (431)
  2. The most up-to-date is on my iPhone. I had changes on my Mac, but I
    made the mistake of uninstalling and re-installing Codebook, and lost a
    couple of changes (nothing terribly important though).
  3. Here is the integrity check message: “Notes missing an icon property
    were repaired. Fields with incorrect sort indexes were repaired.”

Thanks for your help,



Hi Jennifer,

Since you have your most up-to-date information on your iPhone, let’s try resetting Codebook by removing your encrypted database on your Mac and restoring from Dropbox. Here are the instructions to reset Codebook on your Mac: Resetting Codebook follow the instructions under “For OS X”.

After which setup Codebook for Mac with the same master password as you were using before, then attempt to sync again.

Let me know if this allows you to sync regularly. Thanks!



Thank you! That worked!

  • Jennifer




Excellent! Glad to hear resetting Codebook for Mac allowed you to sync regularly again.

Please feel free to reach out again if you have any further question, issues, or feedback.

Thank you again for using Codebook and have a good day!