Codebook 2 No Longer Works on iOS 14.5 - Migration Help

Update, June 16: there is now a process available to help you migrate your notes directly from Codebook 2 to Codebook Password Manager on your iOS device. Please see this post.

Since the release of iOS 14.5 last week we have heard from a number of customers who were still using Codebook 2 (the old stand-alone notes app we used to publish) and found that the app no longer launches after the latest iOS update.

We ended support for Codebook 2 back in 2016, so it was inevitable this day would come, regrettably. We tried to head it off back then by adding the notebook features to Codebook 3 and a way to migrate to Codebook 3 in the app itself along with some warnings prior to the end of life date. Unfortunately, if you’ve already upgraded to iOS 14.5, the app no longer launches, so that’s no help!

There is still a way to get that data out of Codebook 2 and bring it into the current version of Codebook, though it’s a little bit more involved. Follow the instructions here under Manual Migration to extract the encrypted database file and move your Codebook 2 data into Codebook 4.

Codebook 4 is free to try for 14 days, after which it requires a one-time purchase to unlock the sync and editing features*. The macOS and Windows versions provide full text and csv export capabilities if you want to take your data out of Codebook altogether.

*Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows versions of Codebook are all sold separately, we unfortunately cannot offer bundle pricing across the different app stores.