Migrating from Codebook 2 IOS to Codebook 3 OSC


Howto import Codebook 2 notes to Codebook 3 OSX?
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Hi @chrjansen

You’ll want to migrate your Codebook 2 notes to Codebook 3 on your iOS version first. Then sync your iOS version with your OS X version to get those notes onto Codebook for OSX. Here are the steps we’d recommend:

  1. Migrate your Codebook 2 notes to Codebook 3 by following the instructions located here: https://www.zetetic.net/codebook/upgrade

  2. Sync Codebook for iOS with Codebook for OS X by following these instructions: Getting Started with Sync (please excuse the references to STRIP – Codebook’s old name).

Let me know if you’re able to get your Codebook 2 notes migrated after following these instructions, and if you have any further questions.



So I need Codebook 3 for IOS before I can migrate to OSX? I only have codebook 2 for IOS and want to use Codebook 3 for MAC.


Hi @chrjansen

That’s correct for our ‘supported’ migration process. There are a few other ways of doing this manually which would involve a bit more time/work.

Please reach out to us at support@zetetic.net and we’ll help you get squared away.