Codebook 3.0.2 for Android crashes if no internet connection

This happens right after typing the password and list of categories is displayed Then a message appears that the app has crashed and it closes down.

It does generate crash report which I sent once but I don’t feel very comfortable sending those reports.

Hi @nick

I’m sorry to hear about the crash you are receiving, we would like to look into the issue further. The crash report itself does not include any personal or sensitive information, just data specific to what caused the crash. Would you consider resubmitting your next crash report? Thanks!

Just submitted a crash report with a note that it’s coming from me.

Hi @nick

Thank you for submitting the report, we will look into it and see if we can include a fix with the next release!

With this kind of bug it will be good to understand what the issue is. So please keep us (the community) posted.

Hi @nick

We have just released a new version of Codebook for Android that addressed this issue. Details can be found in the release notes here. Thanks!