Codebook accounts


Reading some of the responses on this wonderful form I have learnt that accounts can be transferred from device to another. This was a very concerning issue for me that I had to buy Codebook with every new device that I bought.
Is there any way to find out how many accounts I have bought in the past and if I can transfer unused one with my new device.
If not how can I keep track of what I buy in the future.
Thank you


@Elsayed65 Sorry about the delayed response to your inquiry and thanks for contacting us about Codebook. I think we want to make sure we understand that Codebook has databases, not accounts. The databases can be synced to multiple devices as long as you use the same passwords for each database instance. If you use Codebook on an IOS or Android device, you can install the app on as many devices as the app stores allow (I believe iTunes allows up to 4 installs and the Google Play store doesn’t have a limit but you might want to check that with Google. As far as the desktop apps, the Windows version is only sold in our store but the Mac version is sold in both the MAS and our store so if you have either of those, you can contact us at with your first and last name and email address and we can check our database. If you purchased from the MAS, I believe you can install the desktop version on up to 4 Mac’s. Please let us know if you have any other questions.