Codebook for macOS 4.5.3 Released

Codebook for macOS 4.5.3 is available now.

Changes in this version:

  • Adds new hyperlink display for Website/URL fields allowing for one-click launch
  • Updates Secret Agent window to allow display of multi-line field values (e.g. Notes) – requires macOS 10.13 or later
  • Updates French translations
  • Fixes menu selection bug in Password AutoFill extension settings drop-down menu for Remain Unlocked preference
  • Fixes run-away CPU utilization in the Password AutoFill extension when Anonymous Statistics reporting is enabled

As we noted when we released the previous update, 4.5.2, this version introduces a link-style display for Fields that are of the Website/URL type:

We’ve also made this change in Codebook for Windows. You can still double-click in the empty space of the field row around the link text to launch it that way if you are used to that and prefer it. It’s our hope that this makes for a nicer experience all around, and one that’s a little clearer to new users.

The Secret Agent window got a little love in this update. We added support for displaying multi-line (e.g. note) fields in response to a request, as well as the aforementioned link-style display for launchable fields.

Finally, we have a couple of bugs fixed in the Password AutoFill extension, including a real devil of a bug that caused CPU-throttling and was first reported in the 4.5.0 update.

If you have any feedback or bugs to report, please let us know how we’re doing!