Codebook opens behind other windows, 1st time only

When I open Codebook on my Windows PC, the initial password screen opens behind other open windows.

When I “exit” Codebook (it doesn’t really exit, but runs in the background) and rerun it, the password prompt properly shows up in the foreground.

This is with Codebook on my old Windows 7 machine and on my new Windows 10 machine.

Not a big deal, just a little annoying.


Hi @BenSlade

Thank you for your report, we will investigate this further. To clarify, how are you initially launching Codebook for Windows? Are you double-clicking the application icon, or triggering it via secret agent? Thanks!

I’m launching Codebook by double clicking on the icon.

Hi @BenSlade I wanted to let you know that we’ve made some changes in an upcoming version of Codebook that should resolve issues you’re seeing with the Codebook window coming to the foreground. If you’d be interested in beta testing a new build to see if it fixes the problem, please shoot us an email at